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Gastronimus is a hilariously enjoyable, one-stop resource

to help schools, teachers and healthy eating

co-ordinators meet their targets in an easy,

clear and fun way.


Gastronimus is especially useful in:


Healthy Eating lessons ,

Literacy periods

Cookery classes, 


The unique book represents the pioneering approach

of children’s literature to healthy eating for children.

On the one hand it's an infectiously funny read

for 8-11 year olds, at the same time it brings

children healthy eating ‘through the back door’

and without any preaching.

The book is created to look and feel like a children’s

fantasy food novel but doubles as a cookery and food book

when Gastronimus helps children cook recipes from

the story and gives in depth healthy eating tips at the end

of the story. It can be used just as easily in literacy

sessions (also see our Guided Reading Card), healthy

eating classes and cookery classes.


Guided Reading Card      
A Guided Reading Card is available for teachers and

co-ordinators who may wish to use the resource for their class

reading sessions. The card provides activities and

comprehension questionsto children as they read

Gastronimus in class.


Download the Teachers’ Guided Reading Card




An important innovation of the story is Gastronimus’s

Rainbow Stars’. The intrepid chef pulls the multi-coloured

stars out of his pocket and brushes them against any

substance in outer space so that they flash red,
yellow or green to show how safe it is.  

The Rainbow Stars are carried over into the

food section where they sit next to each recipe as simple

traffic light food labels - showing
in a fun way, how healthy each recipe is.

Gastronimus and the legend of Mr Grrrumblebum
ISBN: 978-0-9562678-1-8, Published by:

Zidane Press Ltd, Sales & Distribution by Turnaround UK, +44(0)208 829 3019