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Dear Mums and Dads


A revolution’s started!
Gastronimus and his dotty diner-saur Scrumlix
have crash landed from outer space and brought a

whole new meaning to fiction, food and fun.

Whether your children are reading under their blankets,
cooking in the kitchen or eating behind the sofa
Gastronimus and Scrumlix are on a mission to save

the world from the SnIFF-Grrrizzly clutches of

Mr Grrrumblebum and his Grrrumble Brats.


Children around the world in Britain, America,

France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and South Africa have

been chopping, munching falling out of their

beds in hysterics at the bumbling antics

of Gastronimus and Scrumlix.


But Gastronimus is much more than a story. At the end

of the tale Gastronimus and Scrumlix  help

children cook recipes from the story.

It’s cookery and healthy eating, through the back door

and without and preaching.

The book gently creates a set of loveable,

charming food heroes.



Gastronimus is for all children and especially those aged

aged 8-11. If your children adore cooking they'll be

thrilled with these loveable food heroes. If your children

hate healthy eating they'll be racing for the

fruit and veg at the end of the book.


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What readers say about Gastronimus

Gastronimus and the legend of Mr Grrrumblebum
ISBN: 978-0-9562678-1-8, Published by:

Zidane Press Ltd, Sales & Distribution by Turnaround UK, +44(0)208 829 3019